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Hey there! I'm Chris.

I'm a fitness and nutrition coach with 20+ years of experience helping men and women just like you go from wishing they were fit, to being their fittest ever, without going to extremes.

3 common reasons people struggle to get in shape.

1) They think they're broken somehow, or should be able to figure it out on their own and embarrassed to ask for help.2) They focus on methods instead of a simple, proven, effective system... One based on sound principles that deliver results.3) They lack a clear commitment and accountability to that commitment.Over the years, these three reasons have come up CONSTANTLY. The pattern these folks tend to have in common is spending too much time looking for THE ONE THING, shifting back and forth between the high motivation and excitement of changing everything at once, to lacking the motivation to change anything at all ...Whether we realize it or not, we find comfort there because there are no set rules. When we don’t clearly define why and what we want to change, then set rules for ourselves to follow, it's easy to "start Monday", "have a treat night", and justify poor decisions. The same logic applies to folks who refuse to step on the scale as to those who refuse to check their bank accounts.PS - It's never just one thing...

How The Coaching Process Works

Step 1:
Ask yourself, “Am I ready to commit?”
Clients who’ve seen the best results stick with the process for at least 90 days, so that’s my minimum required commitment, though most clients stay on for 7-12 months. Point being, there’s no rush. My approach is best for those committed to creating healthier, balanced, sustainable habits.
Step 2:
Fill out an application.
I limit the number of clients I work with in order to keep the quality high, so I do my best to make sure we’re a good fit. Because of this, I ask every potential client to go through a short application process that allows me to get to know you and see how best I can help. Click any button on this page to begin the process.
Step 3:
Email consultation
After you submit an app (boom, first step baby!) I'll send you an email with a handful of specific questions regarding your diet and training history. This helps us dig deeper into exactly what your goals are and where you’re struggling. You’ll send your answers back to me and I’ll explain to you exactly what approach we’ll be taking together if we decide to move forward. If we’re both happy after a short email exchange, we’ll Internet high five (or chest bump, your choice) and move onto the last step before we begin.
Step 4:
Pick your pricing and commitment plan.
Pricing will vary depending on your goals, needs, time commitment, etc. That said, my coaching typically ranges from $257 to $457/month.
During this step, I’ll lay out two things:
1) time commitment options
2) payment options.
Step 5:
Let the transformation begin!
Once you pick a coaching package, your payment goes through, and you become a client, I’ll then create an initial nutrition and training plan based on your goals, experience, schedule, and preferences.
I’ll email your first materials within 24 hours. After that, you can expect to receive your first workout and nutrition plans within seven days, when the real fun begins as we get to work…You’ll use my app to log your workouts and nutrition habits daily, in addition to a Weekly Check-In with your progress data and some feedback questions. We'll adjust when/if needed regularly to keep you moving forward.Your job is to show up, do your best, and be consistent. My job is to help you do that by providing expert guidance and honest feedback. I’m a problem solver, and we’ll adjust things when necessary to stay on target, but I am not a hovering supervisor or a policeman.My goal is to help guide you to your independence. I do not aim for repeat business; I aim for referral business.

What my clients say

*I’d always hit the gym regularly and "knew" that wasn’t my problem, but historically I was always battling my waistline, so finally felt that something else might be needing a major shift. ***Now I’m my lightest weight since college **(half a lifetime ago!), and have kept it off for 18 months. I’d lost lots of weight before—often quickly—but would inevitably bounce back when I ran out of steam on whatever diet/program I was torturing myself with. Chris has been an amazing wing man on this journey, providing thoughtful feedback, with the right amounts of encouragement and “tough love”. For less than the price of a personal training session each week, the plan is well worth it. I can’t recommend it enough.
-Ben S (M/44)
My initial goal was vanity, I wanted to look and feel better. And I smashed it! I lost 30 pounds, changing the shape and composition of my body in the process. Not only do I now feel more confident (which helps a LOT with negotiating contracts in my line of work), but I also learned how to manage cravings and control my eating with methods I can sustain. Awesome results.
-Brandon B (M/40)
My initial goal was to keep some fitness during covid lockdowns, plus work on my upper body while squaring out my nutrition. I had an overwhelming amount of information but no plan I could trust, which always ended up causing some paralysis. Having clear goals and flexibility were paramount for me to be consistent and adapt to my life. Now I feel super strong back in the gym, even surprised by the results, and my nutrition habits have improved in ways that will sustainably support my goals. I really appreciated Chris’ values and approach.
-Vini F (M/36)


Will you provide me with a meal plan?
No. I'll provide materials and education so you can learn to create healthy and delicious meals that fit your goals and lifestyle.
Will I have to workout or diet like crazy to get results?
Not at all. In fact, many clients end up working out less than they previously thought they should! I'll encourage you to quit shoulding on yourself... and will never tell you to eat or eliminate any single food.
Most find my honest, nutritionally agnostic, healthy and balanced approach to nutrition quite refreshing.But I'll have to cut out ___, right? I heard ___ was bad for you...
My approach is nutritionally agnostic, which means I practice and provide an evidence based, time tested approach based on results, not diet dogma. I don't use any one method. I work within your preferences and abilities. I've seen clients achieve amazing results with everything from a paleo approach, to 100% plant based, to a whole lot in between, often ending up somewhere in the middle.
I've seen time and again (and maybe you have, too) that when you label ___ as "bad", and try to NOT eat or drink it, all you will think about is ___. See, now you're thinking about it....The most important variable is you; Can you see yourself eating this way 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now? Do you really think avoiding carbs, never eating out, or only consuming a single meal a day is going to last?

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